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Modify in-flight workflows

Question asked by barryandersonuk on Jan 7, 2016
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We have a long running workflow which has many in-progress items.  We now need to modify the workflow structure to include an additional approval stage.  The only way I can see to update the running workflows is to stop them and restart them on the updated version.  However, items would then need to proceed through the early stages of the workflow which they have already passed. 


We could re-do the entire workflow as a state machine driven by list fields, which would allow us to force items into desired stages.  The drawback of this is that we loose the current comments, history and time stamps but we would gain a more manageable workflow.


A re-work is a fairly large task so before starting s there any known way to affect the current running workflows without stopping and restarting them?  Ideally stitching in another approval section at the end.