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Error Exporting then Importing

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2016
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I have a rather large workflow that I export then import into other environments.


The biggest pain point is the import is causing some actions to not populate with the correct information.


Generally I fix them one by one during my implementation, but I came across another one which is a doozy for me to try to correct (49 times x 3 environments)


In a QueryList I am doing the following Query


Editor Mode (QueryBuilder)

Select Items only when the following is true


Show the items when column "Document ID Value" does not equal "Document ID Value"


Show the items when column "Cancels_Doc_Id" does not equal "strDocIDtoCancel"


On the import, the 2nd criteria gets changed to

Show the items when column "Cancels_x0020_Doc_x0020_Id_x0020_Doc_x0020_Id" does not equal "strDocIDtoCancel" Field not found on the selected list


The error of course being obvious, but I can't get the import to not do this doubling up.  I tried reordering the criteria but no luck.

Copying the workflow across workflows on the same environment using snippets work fine.  But I can't copy my snippet to a different environment (or can I?)


Thanks in advance for help!  This is driving me nuts.


Side Note: I also discovered if your variable name is too long, it will not import correctly either.  But that was easily remedied.