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Question asked by santhea on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by pfudala

I have a form with the redirect set to another blank form (the same one) as when it is in use it is normally used for a number of submissions in a row.

I would like a pop up box to confirm the submission of the form is OK before it redirects to the blank form for the next data entry.  I tried setting up a Confirmation Message on the button control which is fine, however the form has some mandatory fields.  If you skip a mandatory field and hit submit, you get the confirmation message, then when you click OK you see the error messages for the validations which will be confusing for a user.


I thought about disabling the submit button if the fields are blank but the form requestor didn't like that option.  Is there a better way to get the desired result of validations first when you hit the submit button?