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Nintex Assign Licence O365 : make it works

Question asked by matthieumegaly on Jan 7, 2016
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I need some help,


Here is my project : i want to use my workflow to create a new user into my Office 365.

I successfully get the license plans with the task Office 365 Retrieve license plans. So i use the good administrator account, and i store the license plan into a collection.


My problem is with the Office 365 assign license task. It never works.

I'm sure with my credentials for the reason my previous O365 task worked.. I guess the "Licence Plan" parameter may be the wrong thing but it wants "the license ID to be assigned".. What does it really means ?


I tried that :

- Pass the collection where all the licenses are, failed

- Pass the index to the desired license, failed

- Pass a string with the license i want to use, failed

- Pass a collection with only the license i want (so only 1 element), failed


I hope somebody could help me there


Thanks for your replies !