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Using Nintex Workflows for Office 365 through REST API

Question asked by ialvarez on Jan 5, 2016
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I have an app that manages SharePoint content through the REST API, and I want to include support for Nintex Workflows.


These are the problems I need to resolve right now:

  • Detect that a SharePoint Library has related nintex workflows.
    • Reading the forums I noticed that for the Office 365 implementation, I should call the GetTemplatesForItem method from the Workflow service in the O365 REST API, but I made some tests and for a library that has a workflow defined, the service doesn’t returns any template. Is this the right approach?
  • Start a Workflow:
    • After my investigation, I think that the approach for starting a new nintex workflow in an O365 environment is to call the StartWorkflow method of the Workflow REST API (SharePoint). Is this the right approach?


thank you very much,