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Multiple Questions result in an automatic answer from a dropdown.

Question asked by michaelpe on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by francois

We are in the process of redesigning one of our workflows and was asked to set it up almost like a wizard. There would be a series of questions posed at the top of the form (no more than 3) as dropdowns. Depending on how they answer the first dropdown should filter out some of the choices in another dropdown, to the point that we want it to choose what they need.


This is being used when people ask for a new computer. We stock several models, but we want to filter out ones that they won't need based on how they answer the questions. One may ask if they travel a lot, and if so then they would favor a laptop over a desktop. I'm not a programmer but am wanting to start learning JavaScript, which I think is the answer to my problem here, just not sure how to implement. Are there any examples available I could reference for this?