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Javascript to clear unresolved text from a People Picker?

Question asked by jr204 on Jan 4, 2016
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Hello all,


I am working on a form where a Person control is made available to the user conditionally based on the state of another control on the form (an internal vs. external user dropdown).


On most conditional fields, I've implemented onChange JS functions which clear the controls to prevent submission of data in fields which are no longer needed.  (If data is entered into a field and the condition is changed where that field is no longer needed, the data in the hidden field will be cleared and will not be submitted.)


Now I am presented with the challenge of clearing unresolved text from a people picker.  Any unresolved text in the picker, even if the control is hidden or disabled, seems to prevent the form from submitting.


I'm just wondering if anyone has achieved this before and how to go about doing so.