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Assign task to group but send notification to shared mailbox = no notification on delegation

Question asked by bjorgensen on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by mmatsako

Business Requirement:


We have a workflow with a flexi task that has to be fulfilled by someone in an Active Directory group.


The group members don't want to be bombarded with task assignment notifications. Instead, they want to have the email notification sent to a separate account tied to a shared mailbox. However, the task needs to be assigned to and fulfilled by one of the individuals, not the shared mailbox account.


Current (flawed) Solution:


To solve this problem, I've set up parallel actions.


On one branch, a flexi task is assigned to the AD group but notifications are turned off.


On the other branch, the workflow pauses for a moment so the flexi task has time to get assigned, and then an email notification action sends a message to the shared mailbox with a link to the assigned flexi task.


This allows users in the AD group to get the email in the shared mailbox but still fulfill the task from their own account.




The problem is that there are times when an admin needs to go in and delegate the flexi task assignment to someone outside the AD group. They can perform the delegation, but the delegate doesn't receive an email since notification is turned off on the task.


Is there some way I can fulfill the business requirement such that the initial assignees don't receive an email notification but the delegate does?