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Automate Office 365 User creation using Nintex workflow

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2016
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Hello All,


I'm very new to workflow and Nintex in particular.  I have tried to follow this excellent YouTube video to automate the creation of office 365 accounts as a nice simple workflow to get me started.  Nintex Workflow for Office 365: Automate Employee Onboarding & Provisioning Processes - YouTube


I believe I have followed all of the steps correctly, but I am having issues when I come to run my workflow.  It goes to a suspended state as follows;


In the sections of the video where it instructs to link to your lookup list, I have entered AdminUser and AdminPassword as opposed to actually entering the Username and Password.


I'd be most grateful if anyone could give me some thoughts on what I could have missed please?  Also, hope I have posted this in the correct place?  Many apologies if not.

Kind regards