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Hidden Controls - In Panels

Question asked by angelfish42 on Dec 29, 2015
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I have just rebuilt my form completely to be in a tabbed form, in 3 sections using panels.



This is all working very well, I used this to help


Create Tab like functionality on your Nintex Forms


However, I have an issue with my Section 2.  I have tried to use "rules" to hide some of my items on the form.  These worked absolutely fine when the form was no in a section/panel.  I also note when the rules are not applied the form looks fine.



As soon as the rules are added, the form looks odd -



If I use the one rule that I added it unhides the "label" -




Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening?  I am trying the rule order?  Perhaps put these in a panel inside a panel?  I have rebuilt the rules but need some guidance on this as I am really struggling as to why it may be happening on the form.


I have come across this Collapsing form height when controls are hidden   but I am not sure this is what I am after?