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Cannot answer flexi task

Question asked by glenda on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by glenda

Hi guys,


We are having some issues on our environment. On TST everything is working well but on ACC it seems flexi tasks cannot be approved nor rejected in case they make use of a Nintex form.


Forms build:

Workflows build:


When I configure a flexi task without a Nintex form, it works perfectly fine. But with my Nintex form when I click on the "respond to task" in my e-mail or I choose edit task from the GUI, I get the following:


As can be seen the approval options are disabled and greyed out. The Save and Submit button is also not available but only the cancel button. It seems like the form is in display mode instead of in edit mode.


I also noticed the following:


  • EditForm = on TEST where it is working
  • DispForm = an ACC where it is not working. Changing it to Edit does not make any difference at all...


Am I the only one having this problem? Anyone maybe an idea?


Thank you.