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Why doesn't My Workflow Tasks webpart display all my pending tasks?

Question asked by jeremy.grabowsky on Dec 30, 2015
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I created a webpart page that has the Nintex 2010 "My Workflow Tasks" webpart on it. This seems great but i can't figure out why it won't display all of my pending tasks.


The webpart displays open tasks from a standard list i built using an approval workflow built with Nintex WF and Nintex forms. Now on the same site I also have a form library that uses InfoPath forms and Nintex WF that doesn't show up in the webpart. When i look in Workflows (under item menu or ribbon) for this form library i see the WF under the running section with my name listed for a pending task. (It's a previous version WF if it matters,) Just one other bit of info...When the SP runs slowly due to heavy use the WF may error out a few times before completing the next set of steps. Because of this when looking in "View Workflow History" (under item menu) the WF doesn't show up under running but instead under the cancelled & errored section.


Why don't the tasks from the form library show up in the "My Workflow Tasks" webpart?


The Nintex "My Workflow Tasks" webpart is setup like:


To add fuel to the fire this morning there is an Error message at the top of the page:

Web Part Error: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again.


I'm starting to think this is an implementation issue at my company. This is not a complicated webpart with nothing to hand enter only dropdowns...


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