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Grouping items together based on item attributes

Question asked by ekr024 on Dec 29, 2015
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We have a list with around 1500 items that we use for billing. The list will change from month to month and should be approved by around 50 different project managers. We currently have an excel file connected to the Sharepoint list that we will send out in one group email asking for approval.


I would like to create a workflow that can send an email to every manager on the list containing the list of the items that he will be billed.


Every item is tagged with the LDAP of the manager, so we do have the data structure to do this.


I can see this being done using the for each action and send an email for each of the lines, but some managers will have 50 lines forcing them to receive 50 emails... Hence the need for the grouping.


Is this possible?


Thanks in advance!