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How to calculate date without hours and minutes ?

Question asked by zaert on Dec 30, 2015
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- Context :

I made a site workflow with a condition like this:

If my variable "varTodayDate" = "varExpirationRequestDate", do something, if not, stop the workflow.*


- Problem :

I use "Calculate Date" to define the differents variables ("varTodayDate" / "varExpirationRequestDate") that I need in my condition.

The problem of this method is the format date after "Calculate Date", I have a sort like this : "12/30/2015 12:02 AM"

I'm just interest by "12/30/2015" and I want to know if it's possible to remove hours ?


- Goal :

Compare variables "varTodayDate" / "varExpirationRequestDate", if it's the same, do something, if not stop the workflow.


PS : I thought used "DateDiffDays" function but I can't include this function properly in my process.


Do you have any solution =) ?