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Question asked by francispmc on Dec 23, 2015
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I would like to be able to create sandboxes for my users without requiring any IT involvement, such that they can quickly stand up an area for them to experiment in, do their experiment, and then make the area go away. That way, their "proper" sites can remain focused on the purpose for which they were created, in accord with governance principles, but they can have somewhere to "play".

I have created a list into which the users can enter a request for a sandbox, a workflow to trigger automatically on creation of an entry into that list which uses the "create site" action to create a site, and created a site policy that will close and delete the site after 14 days. What I can't figure out is which action can be used to put the site policy in effect in the Site settings | site closure and deletion setting for the site such that it automatically gets tidied up. Without that, people will start using the sandbox for production data, and governance goes out of the window!

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a workflow to update site settings of this kind? When I do a search for any permutation of Nintex and site settings, I get lots of guidance on how to configure site settings such that Nintex can be run on the site, but nothing on how Nintex can be used to impact on the values in site settings.