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How can I identify who Closed a task, which was assigned to a group?

Question asked by dinos on Dec 22, 2015
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We are using the "Assign to-do task" action to assign a task to an AD group.

The task is created & the emails are send to the members successfully.


The issue: we need to know which member of the group responded to the task. Until now we have found the following:

  1. the "Last Task Respondent" nintex variable contains the name of the group, not the user that responded.
  2. The task is updated by the "system" user account, not the user that responded.
  3. we can not call a SharePoint built in Web or REST service, because they both require credentials (in which case the user will be the one supplying the credentials)


So we are stuck:

Is there a way to find the user responding to a task assigned to a group???


Help! / Thanks!