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Loop in Nintex WF needs around 60 seconds!

Question asked by anairat on Dec 23, 2015
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I created a Nintex workflow 2013  that reads data for the current
logged in user (User Profile Query) from ERP oracle DB, store them in a data
collection, then in a for each loop for that collection iterates among the
collection and creates a single item in SharePoint list, this action occurred
in parallel for 6 SQL execution nodes (stores data in a data collection), and a
6 parallel for each items that iterates on these data collections then creating
items in a 6 different lists in SharePoint.


Now the issue is the WF takes around 60 seconds to finalize,
and our end users found it annoying to have a loading page for 60 seconds to
display the data for them. I know it’s long process, but I believe we may speed
it up, I communicated with our Dba and the whole ERP queries are tuned (query took 2 seconds to fetch data), so I’m
thinking if we have the ability to tune the WF itself (if possible).


enabling safe loop, is it a solution, and what are the bad effects of enabling it?


attached in a snap of how the main part of the WF looks like.