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Wait for item update causes excessive logging in history list

Question asked by tolbrich on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by tolbrich

Hello community,


When checking for large lists I found several Nintex workflow history lists that have been grown very large.

Next I checked the workflows and found some workflows using the "Wait for item update" action.

This action logs "Waiting on Status" into the history list and once the item got updated it logs "Waiting complete on Status".

When you use this action in loops e.g. in a state machine this results in lots of entries in the history list and thereby growing it quickly.

In most cases I consider this information pretty useless within history data and I would like to prevent it from being logged.

I tried to configure the action with "Hide from workflow status" but the information is still being logged.

Does anybody know how to prevent "Waiting on Status" and "Waiting complete on Status" messages from being logged in the history?


Thanks and Regards