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Displaying a PDF in a "Edit start form" task list....

Question asked by nyeman17 on Dec 21, 2015
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Is it possible to display a PDF document in the nintex edit start form on from a task? My goal is to create a doc sign task. I have a list where I select the document that the employees need to read, the task,  once the document is selected is sent to everyone. The associates can view their tasks via the "My tasks" web part. The web part shows all tasks for said user. Once there is a task in their box they can click on the item opening the "edit start form" box where I have the option for them to select "I have read this doc." Now what I would really like is for  the document to display on the start form above where they can select that they have read the document in question. Is this possible to do?


...Now I have added a list lookup to the edit start form. The only problem with this option is that when I add two documents for them to read, they both show on the edit start form... so it might be confusing when the title is ' read memo 1" and both memo 1 and 2 are shown. The are really only signing off for memo 1 not 1 and 2.


I attached a picture showing the edit start form in hopes that it helps you understand where I want the document to display.