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For lookup control: need to pull in values from remote list as per a filtered list view there. How?

Question asked by drewa on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by drewa

I have a look up control in 'List A' that points to 'List B.' List B has a checkbox field called 'Active.' I only want items from List B to appear in the look-up control in List A IF their 'Active' box is checked. How can I do this in Nintex Forms? In another vendor's solution, one of the preference settings for such a cascading lookup situation was to select which list view in List B should supply values. So, I would create an 'Active' listview which would only display items where the 'Active' box is checked. This worked nicely. I haven't found anything similar in Nintex.

In the future, some of these values may become inactive, but we would want past items in List A to still retain such inactive values in the lookup control. Therefore, we cannot delete such items.

To put a spin on it, this lookup control would first be filtered by a preceding Lookup control based on another field in list B as supplied by List C. I already have this working. But, I need to introduce the 'Active' checkbox portion, too.


Any help would be appreciated.