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Question asked by marp on Dec 18, 2015
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Maybe someone has an idea how I can solve my problem. I havea “Hardware Request Form” with two approvers. The first approver is the manager of the requesting employee …I use the manager attribute from AD (that’s easy). The second approver is my problem and I have no Idea how I can fix my problem. We have several sites worldwide. On every site we have one or more than one companies and for every company we have different approver(s) for the hardware.


I always now have the following employee information (calculated value) in my Form “Username”, “Site”, “Company”, “Department” etc.


Based on this information I would use a drop down:


  • Create list with the information “Approver2”, “Site”,
  • Based on the employee information “Site”, “Company" I filter in the drop down for the approver2 (could be one or more approvers) and show this values in the drop down


I have the Form with all necessary Information and I also have the lists, but I don’t know how to achieve my goals. How do I filter on two values (based on the employee information “Site”, “Company" in the Form) in one drop down to show the value "Approver2". Maybe someone has an idea. I really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!