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Missing Start configuration when importing workflow

Question asked by alvaro.diez on Dec 17, 2015
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Hello Everyone,


I am having some problems when deploying a workflow in the production environment, I am using SharePoint 2010 and Nintex Workflows with a form developed using InfoPath 2010. The situation is as follows:


- I have two environment, one is the development site and the other is the production site.

- In both of them I have a library (Already checked and apparently they are identical).

- I developed a workflow that should run on item modification under certain conditions.


The workflow in the development environment (where I have full control on it) works perfectly, but when I export it and send it to the administrators of the production site and they import it the running conditions disappear.






The funny thing here is that if I set the configuration explicitly in the production environment for the workflow it works perfectly well, but I am not supposed to set any configuration in the production environment so this solution cannot be applied...


I've attached two screenshots with the running conditions as shown in each environment.


We have a lot of sites and this issue is only happening in one of them with this particular workflow.


Does anybody have any hints on this?


Thank you very much.