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How do i remove the ability for end users to create Nintex Workflows?

Question asked by kolten on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by kolten

We just realized our site collection (which has multiple sites within it) is allowing users to create Nintex workflows. This is undesirable, as it is a function of our department (Information Technology) and these users don't have any idea what they are doing when they see the option to create one in their document libraries.

Is there a method to disable this functionality across ALL sites within the site collection? Can we limit it to only a certain group for ALL sites within our site collection? If not, disabling it completely would work. How can we go about solving this issue in our environment?  Currently the "Allowed Workflow Designers" group gets inherited every time a new site is created, which led us to this issue.  Because it is a site-level setting, and because we have 100's of sites, we are looking for a more 'blanket' approach to removing access to end users for Nintex Workflow creation.