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How to delet part of text field?

Question asked by olegd on Dec 17, 2015
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I'm using Nintex 2013. What I need to do - save part of text field.

I'm getting log file from other system as text field in SharePoint 2013 list. Log has 6 rows and I need to save only first 5 rows.

Example of Log field:

Start time: 18:16:17 PM

End time: 19:14:24 PM

Overall files to transfer: 114

Successfully transfered: 110

Failed to transfer: 4

Link to log file: \\%mydomain%\MediaTransfer\Logs\%datetime%.txt


I'm trying to replace value of Log Filed using Regular Expression Workflow in Nintex:

fn-Remove({WorkflowVariable:Log}, Link, 100)


But it doesn't work, I'm getting same result with 6 rows.


It's looks easy, but I failed to find the right answer.


Thank in advance,