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Workflow returning error

Question asked by johnfb59 on Dec 18, 2015
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Hi all,

I am a new customer and having difficulties with a workflow (attached) also trying to learn how to use workflows, so this is all new to me, thank you in advance for your patience, I hope that one of the support team can take a look at this for me and come up with a solution.


Approval workflow requirements

  1. Initiator adds a request
  2. Manager approves request
  3. Workflow automatically passes request to the next Manager (Head of Dept.) to approve trouble here is that there are four Dept. Heads and the request needs to go to the correct Dept. Head, sure I can put in all four but three will always get 'spammed' with approval emails that are not really meant for them
  4. Once previous Manager (Head of Dept.) approves it then goes to CEO for final approval this is simple as there is only one CEO.


Getting the approval request to the correct Head of Dept.


The attached workflow is the one I have tried, but it is falling over, I have looked at the workflow to see where it is falling over and get this info:


I am sure that I do not have the settings correct in Set managers name or Query LDAP, I also get this info:



So I feel a little like Santa with no Reindeer and a bag full of goodies unable to deliver....


So guys, would appreciate your time here :-)


Season Greetings