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Integration of Nintex Forms in iOS application

Question asked by ialvarez on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by ialvarez

Hi, I have an iOS app that list SharePoint content (lists, document libraries, websites), and I want to be able to work with lists that have Nintex forms associated inside the App.

My original approach was to call the Nintex Mobile app using your Deep Linking feature. The problem with that is that the edition of current items is not supported, so I’m changing my approach to load a webView (browser control inside a native iOS dialog) with the web Nintex form.



Use Case Edit Item:

  • Given the user is on the list UI (iOS native interface)
  • When the user taps an item of the list, a dialog is shown, with an inner browser that navigates to the nintex form that allows the user to edit the item.
  • The user modifies the item.
  • The user taps on Save or Cancel.
  • My app should there close the web dialog and reload the list UI in order to display possible changes.




So in this new approach I’m facing several problems:

  • How to detect that a SharePoint list is related with Nintex Forms?
    • What I’m using now is that in the ContentType description, the form urls starts with FormsApp/NFLaunch.aspx.
    • Is this correct? should I use another condition? It seems to be differences between Office365 and on premises environments.
  • When the web dialog is presented to the user, the user can save the item (new or existing) after the form is submitted, it redirected back to the list webpage. What I want  is to be able to detect that redirect and close the web dialog, in order to return to my native UI of the list. How can I detect this redirect? Is there a page that is always called and that is safe to be used for that purpose.
  • When the Nintex form is displayed, there is also a Ribbon in the upper left corner with the actions “Save”, “Cancel”. I want to hide these ribbon in order to displays those actions in a native way. Is there a parameter for the nintex form page that hides the ribbon?



Thanks in advance.