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Help with a Document Signoff System - (AD Groups to individual records)

Question asked by johnortt on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by sharepointsean

Hi Guys,


I am really hoping you can help me.


I am trying to write a Document signoff process consisting of two lists, 'Documents' and 'Responses'.

The 'Documents' list consists of three columns 'Title' (Plain Text), 'Distribution' (People or Group) and 'Attachments' (where you can attach the documents to be read).

The second list ('Responses') has the columns 'Title' (Plain Text),  'Responder' (Person) and Response (Yes/No).


I would like to create a workflow which after a 'Documents' record is saved, it parses the 'Distribution' groups or names and creates a record for each individual in the 'Responses' list with a 'Response' value of "No".


After the user clicks on the approval I want to update that response to a "Yes".


I am sure this is relatively simple when you know how but I have been searching for a couple of days with no luck.  I would really appreciate some assistance.


Thanks for your time & regards,


John Ortt