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Cannot Figure out how to share Data between Workflows

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by sshaffer

I feel like this should not be that hard. I just want to have a Parent Workflow Kick off a Child workflow, while sending some simple data back and forth. I assumed i would be using the Store and Retrieve Data Actions.


My steps are

  1. Store Data: Approver Name
  2. Start Child WF
  3. Retrieve Data from Parent: Approver name
  4. Run Approval Process
  5. Store Outcome
  6. End Child Workflow
  7. Continue with Parent Workflow
  8. Retrieve Data from Child Workflow: Outcome
  9. Proceed


  • Where in my child workflow do i find the variables i stored in the parent workflow?

I have read the post by Emily Billing and Vadim Tabakman 's blog but it has not clicked. Can someone attempt to dumb it down for me?