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Setting three regional fields with just two

Question asked by jacobarn on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by jacobarn

So I need to create a form that needs to set three values to determine who the form needs to go for approval. I have Division, Region, and Location. However I want to allow the user to just choose Division and Location and have Region set automatically in the event other Regions are created or Locations are moved into different Regions.


I have two lookup lists, one for Divisions and another for Locations. The Locations list has the Location name and ID as well as the Division and Region in the list. On my form I have a List Lookup for Division which then filters the locations so only the locations in that Division show up to be selected from. I want to have the Region field hidden in the form however automatically set based on the location the user chooses. I need that because each region has a different approving manager and the workflow will use that to set where the approval needs to go to.


Is this something that can be done in Forms or do I need to create something in the Workflow to get this done?