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Chain of Managers Approval process good, but not quite there.....

Question asked by johnfb59 on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by karmaq


I found this article by Emily - Use a chain of managers in an approval process trouble is EVERY manager in the chain gets an approval request, so great article but not quite there for me, I need to stop the loop after the request is approved by a named person is this possible?


I am a beginner so loads to learn, and I have seen this question asked quite a few times.


My workflow approval chain:

  • Initiator > (Using Reference 'Initiator')
    • Initiators Head of Dept.. > (Using Reference 'Manager')
      • Head of Dept. Manager > (Cannot find a reference for Manager's Manager)
        • workflow should stop here

I have had a couple of suggestions and thanks guys but still not what I am looking for, it seems so simple a task and gets asked a lot, sorry for asking again...