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Duplicating Controls on my Form - Due to hide panels

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2015
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I have a Nintex Form with multiple panels that I use the hide rule feature on. This is a requirement due to the different tasks being completed in the form. So Dept A can see fields they need for their task while Dept B can see fields needed for theirs.

The issue is both departments use SOME of the same fields. They both need to be able to edit the content in panels.


I want to be able to use the same controls in each panel and have the data update.


Panel 1 - Customer name control - single text

Panel 2 - Customer name control - single text

I need both of these fields to display the same information, be connected to the same SP control, and be able to be edited in each panel.


I know I can use a calculated column to display data

I know I could hide data based on controls and not panels - due to the large amount of fields in my form I prefer to no do that