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Office 365 fownload file problem

Question asked by bhutim on Dec 14, 2015
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Hi Guys


I need some help here. My organization have a SharePoint Online environment and on Premise environment which is on SharePoint 2013 and we also have Nintex Workflow Enterprise license for our on prem. We recently upgraded the on-prem license to the one which allows you to run workflows on SharePoint Online as well.


No my issue is that I had a process which uses the Office 365 Download File activity on my on prem environment. This process have 2 paths the source of the file being downloaded which is SharePoint Online and the destination which is SharePoint on prem. In a few weeks ago this process was working fine but recently it just hangs on the of downloading a file.


Has anyone seen this before? Is there maybe some settings that I am suddenly missing which is meant to on?


Your help will be appreciated and I have also attached the configuration of my activity below.