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How to "for each" a group of Persons in Nintex Workflow for 365

Question asked by somebody on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by mikeboggs

Hi guys


Is it possible to use a "collection" of Persons you used to send Tasks too as a variable to loop through in the workflow and person a serie of actions for each of these collection of "Persons".


To illustrate above question: I have created a list in which you create a meetings between a Manager, a group of people and a consultant (Peers/Superiors). The Peers/Superiors is a Column of Person or Group which allows multiple values. When you submit a list item it assigns a task to all people in the before mentioned group.

So far so good. Now when the task is approved it should start looping through the Persons in Peers/Superiors and perform a couple of tasks ( like: Make a calendar entry per Person AND create a new Item in the another list in a form needs to be filled in.


The text in bold is the thing I can find a solution for. I've tried putting the Values of Peers/Superiors into a variable of type Collection and For Each though this and perform the actions in the body of this loop... but no success.


Any help is appreciated.


Kind regards