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Getting Delegation Comments

Question asked by ignasitt on Dec 11, 2015

Hi all,


I'm doing this trying to get the "Comments" field after a delegation task. It's clear there's no easy way to do it, but I'm trying to get this comment through the Nintex Web Service GetWorkflowHistoryForListItem.


After a successful test connection to the Web Service with some test values in the filter parameters (Run Now is answering as expected)

I'm not able to push the results in a collection variable


I tried to "Select element" and then I select the m:UserComments element, that is just what I need.

But unexpectedly, it seems to take a wrong path to this value with a lot of "undefined" values in the path itself. If I try to run this workflow, the result is an error ('undefined/undefined:m:GetWorkflowHistoryForListItemResult/undefined:m:WorkflowLog/undefined:m:HumanTasks/undefined:m:HumanTaskLogInfo/undefined:m:UserComments' has an invalid token.)


My question is: Why is not getting well the path of the value I want into the XML returned by the Web Service? How can I get this value?


Anyway, If someone knows a simplier way to get the Comments typed in a Delegation, I will really appreciate it.


Kind regards,