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Conditional start executing when not expected

Question asked by maloyml on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by akrasheninnikov

Here is my scenario:

I have a list workflow that I want to execute when a status changes. My workflow settings looks like this:

- Start when items are created = No

- Start when items are modified = Conditional

     Condition:  Status (previous) not equal to Status.


When someone updates the status of an item in the list.  The Workflow executes as expected and the appropriate email notification is sent.


However, I have 2 site workflows that run overnight to update the item age and calculate overdue days of all active items.  When these workflows run they are triggering my status change workflow to execute even though the item status has not changed. So I am getting 2 emails (since the workflow gets triggered twice by the list updates in the 2 site workflows) notifying me of a status change.  But the status has not changed.


How can I prevent these site level workflows from triggering my conditional workflow.


Thanks in advance for your comments and help.