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Workflow Designer - Ninex 2010 Set a Condition and Notification Question

Question asked by gpappy on Dec 11, 2015
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Set a Condition -


   Can I associate a reference to a metadata(if that's the right term)? I am adding a column that has a Notification Date (for a task). I set the column to be in date format. I can set the condition to be if current date equals.......reference.... how do I pull in a reference that's not in the common items Ninex has listed. This would also apply to checking if the % complete doesn't = 100....



Notification -


   Is there a way to have the email sent to the person assigned to the task? Currently the option I have is to send to a specific person that Id look up.   Id want to have it email the person assigned to the task. That option isn't showing up on the common parts (under lookup)....


Sorry if this is a redundant question.