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Workflow Errors - but completes

Question asked by padamo on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by jeff

Hi - Not sure where to start with this one.   Our environment is SP 2010 with NW 2010.   As of last month, a growing number of site and list item workflows have been generating the following error :  An error has occurred in <name of wf> Work Flow.  That is all the detail shown.



  1. This began suddenly last month to workflows that have been running without issue for months (and some for years).
  2. This does not occur on every workflow and seems to happen randomly -- the same workflow can fail twice, complete twice, then fail twice again.
  3. These workflows DO complete. Each action block in the graphical history view is green through to the end and we can confirm that each action has been accomplished.  But the workflows will generate a failure of "error occurred".
  4. There are no corresponding errors in the SharePoint log during these failures.


What we've done:

  1. Verified with a SQL dba that the NW database and logs are adequately sized and performance (sql/OS) is acceptable.
  2. Increased the batchsize, throttle, and timeout values
  3. Rebooted environment several times.


Any suggestions would be appreciated, as the failures are starting to outpace the successes.