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Send email notification when item is changed to responsible person of other item

Question asked by markvandaalen on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by kojeeman

We are familiar with the option to send an email notification to a responsible person of an item when the status of that item changes. But now we have a process of three items which need to be completed after each other. Item #1 needs to be completed by person X and item #2 and item #3 need to be  completed by person Y. So the workflow we are looking for is an email notification which will be automatically send in person X completes Item #1 and this email notification should go to person Y (so this person knows he can start working on the two items he or she is assigned to).


The problem is that we need to repeat this process 30 times with different people, so therefore we do not want to make a workflow for each process and type in the name of the person Y who is responsible for item 2 and 3 in the email notification option of the workflow. So the email notification should be send to the "responsible person" which is assigned to item 2 and 3 in every process.


Would be great if someone could help us figure this out!