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Choice Control not accepting transparent background

Question asked by darren1372 on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by eharris04


I am trying to style the Choice Control on a Nintex form  so it has a transparent background. I have managed to partly do this so the control shows as transparent but when you

hit the down arrow to select choices it shows the default background for the choices as white. This is not ideal as we have the text styled as white so the choices only show up in the drop down when hovered over!


This is my CSS for the field and control:


.dropDown {


background-color: transparent  !important;

color: #ffffff;




background-color: transparent !important;

color: #ffffff;

outline: none !important;

} .


If I change the background color to something like black in the drop down control class is show blacks for both the control and field control.

What I need to achieve is have the background transparent for the down down box/choices. If not, hav ethe background transparent and text white for the control, then the text black and the background showing the default white.
Also, is there a way to color/style the down down arrow for this control?