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Start different workflows in "run parallel action"

Question asked by axel on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by damien.l



I've created a main workflow with different sub workflows in it. Basis of these workflows is the same list.

In the main workflow I'm using a "run parallel action" item to start 4 different workflows in it. I also selected the "Wait for the workflow to complete before continuing" field in the action settings of the "Start workflow" action. My intention is, that these 4 sub workflows should be finished until the main workflow will be continued.




But I always receive the same error message: "An error has occurred in "Workflow Name".
And there are also Workflow Comments for each sub workflow: "Failed to start workflow. The selected workflow "SubWorkflow Name" is already running on list item with ID "Item ID" in list "List Name" on site "Site URL".


After this error message the sub workflows will be started but also the main workflow will be continued without the input of the finished sub workflows.


Does anybody know how to solve my problem?