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"Custom" Site Template does not work with "Create Site Collection" action

Question asked by aynintex on Dec 8, 2015
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I was just trying to make a workflow action that creates a new Site Collection using a template, stored in the actual site collection where the workflow is running.


I have it in the dropdown for selection and everything, but by running the workflow, I get an error, that something is wrong with the template.


I just saved a plain "Teamsite", nothing special in there, just the OOB template, saved under a custom name.


The Error message is "Error creating site collection. Invalid File or Arguments for web template (then some name and ID stuff) Parametername: WebTemplate"


The Action is working correctly, if I pick a OOB template like "Teamsite" as template, only not working with the "custom" template.


Server is a SharePoint 2013 Standard with Nintex Enterprise Current version.


Thanks in advance!