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How do I update an document's properties when all I have is the document's URL?

Question asked by on Dec 7, 2015
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I have a document library with a number of folders, each containing a project workbook (excel file) and any other documents for that particular project.

Document library fields:

- Project Title (aka Document Title)

- Archived (Choice: Yes,No)


Document library tree example:

Project A (folder)

- Project A.xlsx (workbook)

- Other Project A Document.xlsx (another document)

- Project A Support Document.doc (another document)


I also have a list that serves as a master project list with high level information on a number of different projects along with a link to the project workbook in the document library.

Relevant list item fields:

- Project Title

- Project Workbook URL (Hyperlinked to workbook)

- Project Status (Choice: submitted, active, archived)


Note: The Project Title as used in the List is identical to the Project Title as used on the Document Library's Workbook.


When a project is marked as being complete in the master project list, the corresponding project workbook in the document library needs to be marked as being archived.   I have the document's URL from the list item.  How do I use it to communicate it to Nintex in a way that allows the item to be identified and then updated?  Alternatively, it would be ok if all items in the folder (not just the main workbook) were marked as archived but I haven't found a way to get that to work either.