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Large form and Content Types

Question asked by harfmt on Dec 6, 2015
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I am creating a form that will be accessed via the Nintex app. I have a form with 452 controls which are required to capture data all the data for a mechanics service sheet, excluding attachment controls, rules and displayed images. I got around the SharePoint column limitation by not outputting 245 fields to the SharePoint list. These I would access via xml. It didn't then click that there would be a form limitation as far as controls go. Because of course the 452 pieces of data still needed to be captured.



The most important requirement is that all the data needs to be output to a single email so that a supervisor can see the entire service in one go and approve/reject/update the form from a PC as need be. There will be a workflow behind the form where two levels of approval are required and both of these levels will have the ability to update the web form as need be.



I've spent a couple of days looking at Content Types, in the hope that this might be a solution to reducing controls on the form. I believe there is a Content Type ID that can be used to connect everything?


I could break the form up, but the separate forms need to be linked somehow for the email output, and I can't see how to do that.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, how to access the data in a Content Type from a workflow.