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(javascript) How do I populate data into fields based on a selection picked in a look up column?

Question asked by jngo on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by jngo

I am having trouble trying to figure this problem I have. In a list called “NewHireTermination” and I have a choice column called action that has choices of “New Hire” or “Termination”.


We have other columns called: employee name, title and start date. When a new person gets hired, you create a new line item choosing “New Hire” and fill out the employee name, title, and start date.


Now once an employee is about to be terminated, you select “Termination” in the action and you see the a drop down list of employees that have been added to the list via new hire. (TerminatedEmployee is a look up column for FullName.)



How do you update the fields of the new line item for “Termination” with the values from the “New Hire”. If I chose Jon Ngo in the Terminated Employee field, I want the other fields to update with Jon Ngo values from New Hire (FullName: Jon Ngo Title: Analyst, StartDate: 12/9/2015). It does not need to show up in the form, I just need it to update in the list.