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Any impact or concerns when allowing management of content types AFTER application of Nintex workflows and forms?

Question asked by drewa on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by drewa

I'd like to create a new content type in an existing list which will share some common fields with the original content type. I've already published workflows and a form for the original content type.

  1. What impact, if any does allowing management of content types have on the original content type?
  2. To ensure the workflow launches on only the desired form, I guess I would set a start condition based on the content type's GUID, correct?
  3. When I begin to design a workflow or form for the new content type, will I be prompted to select the desired content type when there are multiple content types in a list? I assume so, but how/when does this occur?
  4. Is there any online documentation regarding this? I searched online help using 'content type' as a search string, but no title of any document appeared relevant.


Thanks in advance!