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How to filter a list lookup by multiple values (or CAML Query)

Question asked by emis on Dec 7, 2015
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I would like to filter a list lookup by multiple values. There are several disuccions about this topic but no one fits into my solution.


Basicaly we have a data structure like a tree:


1 -+


     +- 1.1 ---+

     |              |

     |             +- 1.1.1

     +- 1.2


     +- 1.3


Now I want to filter the lookup based on the level in the structure. If I navigate to 1.1, I want to filter the lookup for each data under this level. I have all data in place, but I cannot attach multiple values to the list lookup filter (Control Settings->Filtering->Filter available selections->By aspecific value). It is not possible to use some kind of or-statemants like || or the or-function of Nintex.

A CAML Query would be the nicest solution:




            <FieldRef Name='FIELDNAME' />

            <Value Type='Text'>1.1</Value>




Can I assign a CAML Query to the filtering manually by JavaScript or is there any other kind of solution for this problem? I really don't want to build up the control manually by HTML and JavaScript...