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Create an alert that will show what item (s) has been altered in a list

Question asked by twgaynor on Dec 4, 2015
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So I have a collaborative challenge between 2 departments at work.  Today, they have begun by posting a LARGE spreadsheet into SharePoint.  HR creates this spreadsheet, and financial accesses it.


The problem is, that it is hard for financial staff to identify what has changes.


What I am envisioning is converting this spreadsheet into a list, and then creating some alerts to that list.  This would at least advise staff when any change was made to the list (not made by that staff person).  This is basic out of the box workflow I realize.


What they are requesting goes a step further.  Is it possible to have the alert not only notify that the list has been changed, but also show what rows/fields have been changed? 


I am curious if there is a way to do this leveraging Nintex?  We have Enterprise On Premise installed here.


I will review some of my training materials and play with the program, but don't have any immediate thoughts as to how I would achieve this.   I appreciate any thoughts, direction, or experience any of you might have that relate to this need.




Tracy W. Gaynor