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How to add workflow to Business Data List or External List

Question asked by brianlegg on Dec 7, 2015
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I'm fairly new at Nintex Workflow and I'm trying to solve a simple use-case scenario our business has. Basically, I need a workflow to kick off every time a record is added to a certain table in our database. To solve this issue I've created an external content type tied to the database table and I've created an external list which is tied to that content type. Now, every time a record is added to the table an item is created in SharePoint. Fantastic! Now I just need to tie a workflow to this external list... however, the Nintex workflow icon is greyed out. See image:




Is there a way to attach a workflow to an external list? Or, is there a different/better way I could accomplish what I'm after? I know I can query a BCS but I'd rather the workflow kick off when an item is added as opposed to me querying on a timer (poling).


Note: I'm a C# developer who's not very familiar with SharePoint or Nintex so please be descriptive. Thank you!