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Setting People picker value to current user's manager

Question asked by aurelien78 on Dec 4, 2015
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I'm running into an issue when trying to set a people picker type of field in Nintex forms to the manager of a user.

The manager value is well retrieved as domain\login but the people picker just stays blank.


I'm using javascript to set it, following an example from the community.


Here is how I try to set the people picker value : NWF$('#'+ManagerFieldID).val(manager);

Is there any way to do so without depending on a "third party" Library, as SPAPI ?


Another question about the syntax to use on rules : I saw that sometimes inline function are not working properly, that's why I'm using like "a && !b || c" notation. Is it supposed to work correctly this way ? Or should I really use the inline functions instead ?


Thank you