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Regular Expression Issue: Commenting User's name gets over written

Question asked by beneggert233 on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by melissac

So I am using Regular expressions to filter out all the crap that comes along with Approver Comments. I then show those comments on the Item form. But I am finding that in my comments section on the View Item Form it shows the same person for each comment. But when looking at the Workflow history you can clearly see that the comments were made by different people.


I imagine i made a mistake in my regular expression patterns, honestly i just copy and pasted them from another forum post. I really dont understand exactly what they do..


Here is my first regular expression following a flexi task

and here is the second regular expression immediately following the first.



You can see here that Denise and Phillip are commenting...




And then on the item form it indicates that Phil made each Comment


Any Ideas??